About Assign It App and Credits

Technology I am Using

In order to be more transparent, I am posting what technologies I am using to create the site.


The Wonderful Ruby and Rails Communities

Without these two communities this web app would not be possible. I'm very thankful for all of the hard work that you do.

My faithful users

Thanks for riding this ride with me. Your support, reports, and usage are a big help to me. Seeing people use my software and inform me of issues reminders why I run this service.

Thanks folks!

General Information

Assign It App is product by Matthew Burket in central Iowa in the United States. Assign It App started in April 2010 under a different name. In July 2010 that service fell. Starting in early 2011 the first version of Assign It App launched. During early 2012 (February and March) I rewrote the entire application from the ground up. This version has been running since then. Over the years I have continued to provide updates and fixes to the site. I plan provide this service into the foreseeable future.

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